Middle School Aged

Preschool Age

Having a peace of mind over whether your child is safe when you’re at work or not makes a huge difference for absolutely any parent, mothers and fathers.

This means that having a safe learning space, where your toddler child can get some quality pre-kindergarten curriculum, fun times and caring attention is actually critical.

We begin to enroll kids into our pre-kindergarten classes starting at the age of 4.

Children who become a part of this program have their basic skills developed and nurtured, with a caring attention by all of our team members.

Therefore, our pre-kindergarten curriculum is designed to encourage children to achieve their full potential and advance to our accelerated school age program.

The activities included in the class are:

  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Soft Drinks
  • Music Lessons
… and so many more!


  • 1 – 5 days per month $69.00
  • 15 – 15 days per month $59.00
  • 15 – 30 days per month $49.00

Childcare Specialist

Originally from London, at one point of his sophomore college year, Martin decided to turn the tables for his career and travel to the US, to try and get a Harvard MBA degree… Eventually, he succeeded in that, becoming…

Do you work long hours and out-of-hours schedule,struggling to dedicate the most of your time to taking good, daytime quality care for your child?We are eager to help you with that!

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